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85: Frank de Jonge - Event Sourcing for Beginners

In this episode, Adam talks to Frank de Jonge, author of the EventSauce library, about what event sourcing is, how it works, and what it looks like to use it to model some practical real-world problems.

Topics include:

  • What does "event sourcing" even mean?
  • What do terms like "aggregate" and "projection" mean in the context of event sourcing?
  • What are the benefits of modeling something with event sourcing vs. a traditional state-based approach?
  • How events are usually stored
  • Why and how you might build multiple projections from a single event stream
  • How events in event sourcing differ from the sort of events you might already be using in your projects
  • A walkthrough of what the actual code would look like to model a "publish blog post" feature using event sourcing