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137: Tim Neutkens - Continuing to Innovate with Next.js 9.3

In this episode, Adam is talks to Tim Neutkens about what's new in Next.js 9.3 and how it's changing the way applications are built at ZEIT.

Topics include:

  • An overview of the new getStaticProps, getStaticPaths, and getServerSideProps APIs
  • How Next.js helps you serve static pages from an edge CDN automatically, without affecting the actual authoring experience
  • Using getStaticPaths to statically pregenerate dynamic routes
  • How the fallback feature of getStaticPaths works and lets you statically render pages on-demand to avoid long build times
  • How the upcoming incremental static generation feature will work in Next.js
  • Deploying Next.js to a platform other than Zeit, and how you retain all of Next’s benefits automatically
  • How getServerSideProps is different from getInitialProps
  • Why getServerSideProps actually improves performance, even though it introduces another hop
  • How getServerSideProps results in smaller bundle sizes vs. getInitialProps
  • Using getServerSideProps to safely talk directly to a database, skipping the need for an API
  • Why Zeit as a company has started to favor client-side data fetching with SWR over getInitialProps/getServerSideProps, and how they are combining that with statically pregenerated “shells” for incredibly fast feeling experiences
  • What’s coming next in future releases


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