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129: Evan You - What's Coming in Vue.js 3.0

In this episode, Adam talks to Evan You about all of the changes and improvements coming to Vue.js 3.0.

Topics include:

  • What were the first feature/change ideas that got the wheels turning for Vue 3
  • How Vue's underlying VNode data structure is changing and how that affects users who work directly with render functions
  • How the h function works in Vue 3 and how it helps you write code that's more composable
  • How many breaking changes are just removing deprecations vs. hard breaks and how a compatibility build is going to ease the upgrade process
  • The new template compiler and how it will drastically increase performance
  • What were the goals of the class-based component API and why was it cancelled?
  • The new composition API and how it will help you write more reusable logic without the downsides of mixins or scoped slots
  • A deep-dive into reactive vs. refs in the composition API
  • How the composition API compares to hooks in React
  • How provide/inject is being improved for Vue 3