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116: Jerod Santo - Building the Changelog Platform with Elixir and Phoenix

In this episode, Adam talks to Jerod Santo of The Changelog about building their custom podcasting platform using Elixir and Phoenix.

Topics include:

  • How pattern matching works in Elixir and why it's more powerful than method overloading in other languages
  • How Elixir's pipe operator makes the transition from OO to functional programming more natural
  • Why you don't need to be intimidated by unfamiliar features like GenServers to use Elixir for web app development
  • Noticeable differences between working with Rails and Phoenix and what it was like to transition
  • How the Phoenix ORM makes n+1 queries impossible
  • Why background tasks are a lot easier in Elixir than in an ecosystem like PHP
  • What other tools and technology power the Changelog platform
  • How the Changelog Phoenix app is deployed