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113: Justin Jackson - Growing Transistor to $10,000/month

In this episode, Adam talks to Justin Jackson about growing his new SaaS business Transistor to $10,000 in MRR.

Topics include:

  • Why you need more than just a product, and what Justin brings to the table in his partnership with Jon
  • How having an audience helped him get his first customers, even in a crowded market
  • Why you should use every advantage you have to get people in the door, even though the only thing that will make customers stay is a great product with great service
  • "People like us do things like this" vs "scratching your own itch"
  • How their affiliate program has been working surprisingly well for them, and how affiliate programs compare to traditional advertising
  • What Justin's day looks like working on Transistor as the marketing focused side of the partnership
  • How Justin and Jon are paying themselves, inspired by Profit First