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111: Jeffrey Way - Building the New Laracasts with Tailwind CSS

In this episode, Adam talks to Jeffrey Way about the process of building the brand new Laracasts.com with Tailwind CSS.

Topics include:

  • How Jeffrey has written CSS historically, and what drew him to a utility-first approach
  • Incrementally replacing Bulma with Tailwind
  • The importance of solidifying your Tailwind configuration before beginning to implement a design
  • The new Tailwind color system
  • Why choosing a color palette in advance is much better than using preprocessor functions like darken() or lighten()
  • How duplicating your markup is often a better solution than trying to write incredibly crafty responsive CSS
  • How Tailwind helps with performance by letting you keep your CSS cached
  • How to use CSS variables to create multiple themes for the same Tailwind site


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