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103: Steve Schoger - Design Q&A + Refactoring UI Details

In this episode, Adam and Steve Schoger answer listener questions about UI design, and share all of the details about their upcoming book and design resource Refactoring UI.

Questions include:

  • What's your process for getting started on a new design?
  • How do you make your designs feel original?
  • How do you choose fonts for a new project?
  • How do you make complex tables look good, and how do you make them work on mobile?
  • What's the best way to style multiple secondary actions on a page?

Refactoring UI topics include:

  • Structuring the book to make it easy to read in a short amount of time
  • An overview of the sections and chapters in the book
  • What's covered in the screencasts
  • How the included color palettes are designed and why they are more useful than the color palettes you're used to generating online
  • What the font recommendation guide includes and how it's organized
  • Details about the included icon set
  • What's inside the component gallery, and how it's meant to be used
  • The release date! ๐ŸŽ‰