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93: Justin Jackson - Who You Want to Help > What You Want to Build

In this episode, Adam and Justin Jackson have a candid conversation about a life-changing realization Adam recently had about what he does for a living. They talk about why it's important to define your business by the people it serves instead of the product you make, and how to stop stressing yourself out trying to come up with the perfect SaaS app idea.

Topics include:

  • Why you should choose a market before getting too attached to the type of product you want to create
  • Why it can make sense to create products in different categories if they are for the same people
  • Why a CSS framework and a TDD course have more in common than it sounds
  • Why you might be happier having a job than running a business if you want to spend your time doing a specific type of work
  • What you should be doing instead of racking your brain for app ideas


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